Revenue-based finance for founders like you

How it works

We build you a unique deal, based on your track record and success


Apply for funding

We analyse your data to make you a tailored offer within 48 hours.


Select an offer

100% of your funds are available to use after selecting an offer.


Repay on your terms

Repay your balance with a small share of your new sales.


Apply for funding

We connect you with trusted agencies, technologies and educational support.

Repay on your terms

Repayments are automatically made from a pre-agreed percentage of your revenue, so you can focus 100% on your business.

Tailored Amazon account management services, addressing chargeback concerns while offering insightful brand-building strategies. Explore diverse A+ content examples and specialized advertising expertise for effective brand visibility.

What we do

We offer non-dilutive capital to Commerce brands, with no personal guarantees and with only one flat, transparent fee, repaid fairly from a pre-agreed revenue share. We invest up to £2m into each of our brands as growth-focused partners, so that founders like you can grow your business without having to give up any equity or putting your home on the line.

We do this through our partners Outfund, the UK’s largest eCommerce investor.

We fund online businesses that…

Sell products or services online

Have been trading for 6 months +

Earn £10K+ monthly revenue

You must be incorporated in either the UK, USA, Australia, and/or Spain

Whether you run a business on Shopify, have already raised millions form VCs, or are crushing it on Amazon – we will fund you.