Unlock the full potential of your Amazon account with our free audit

Our audit focus

As an Amazon marketing specialist agency, we understand the challenges that come with managing an Amazon account. Our free audit focuses on the three key areas: Account, Organic and Paid, which make up a brand account on Amazon. Helping you identify areas of opportunity and improve your performance on the platform.


We conduct a deep dive into the financial health, account structure, and management of your Amazon account. We provide a comprehensive written report that covers everything from listing setup to terms analysis. Common outputs include case pack optimisation, brand code corrections, and store linking to listings. We also report on account recoveries.


Conducted by our SEO Strategy team, we evaluate your Amazon content and identify areas for improvement. We examine the top 30 products to determine if they meet minimum optimisation standards. Our audit includes analysis of keyword, graphic, and branding optimisation, A+ content and stores, and ratings, reviews, and account warnings.


Our campaign team analyses your AMS performance, structure, and strategy based on our best practices. We provide feedback on areas of opportunity, highlight strategies that are working, and identify areas for improvement. Our audit includes targeting, placement, CPC/VCPM, budget and ASIN level analysis.