Amazon Recovery

Vendor Account Specialists in Recovery of Erroneous Fees

We recover charges by Amazon relating to:
• Shortages – Stock not received
• Overages – Too much stock received
• Chargebacks – Fines for non-compliance > delivery dates, packaging requirements and so much more
• CO-OP Payments – Contract review and audit, negotiation and reconciliation
• Early Payment Discount – Account negotiation

Charges and Penalties

Our services and training help you recover charges and penalties with Amazon, improve your commercial arrangements, and ultimately protects your profitability in a highly competitive marketplace.

At RT7Digital, we provide uncomplicated insight into why you are incurring deductions and guidance on what you need to do to avoid future penalties.

How do we do it?

Recovery Of Erroneous Fees

By analysing your environment we can identify and recover up to 70% of these erroneous fees. We assist by looking as farback as 5 years for shortages, overbilled co-op agreements, unpaid invoices, and invoices not raised.

Consider “Our Vendor Recovery Specialists”

We have a specialist team who will work with you to provide expertise and ensure an efficient recovery process, as well as train your various teams (financial, warehouse, office staff) within the business

Root Cause Analysis

A deep-dive analysis/audit and supply chain coaching will allow for reduced deductions before they are incurred. Protection is better than a cure.

Visible Dispute Activity

Easy-to-understand reports for you to see what is pending, where you have been denied, and which disputes have beenapproved. Most importantly, see how much we’ve recovered for you.

Our expert team has identified

and recovered fees for

dozens of brands in every

Amazon Marketplace.

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