Amazon owes most sellers money back on their seller central accounts!

We’ll help you get it back.

Whether you run a business on Shopify, have already raised millions form VCs, or are crushing it on Amazon – we will fund you.

Why does Amazon owe 99% of sellers money?

Lost & Damaged Units

Damaged / lost inventory at the warehouse.

Destroyed item without permission.

Carrier damaged inbound shipment in transit.

Refunds & Mishandled Returns

Improperly received or miscounted items.

Refund issued, but customer never returned item.

Failure to reimburse a return.

Failure to issue 20% restocking fee.

Lost Inbound Shipments

Reimbursement smaller than the item value.

Issued a chargeback but didn’t reimburse you.

Failure to replace items back into inventory.

Why Choose Us?

Easy, Quick & Complete

We do summarise all details with easy steps, quick reimbursement claim fields and complete details why Amazon owes you money.


There is no monthly fee or signup fee. We charge a small commission fee after funds are deposited into your account. Improperly received or miscounted items.

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About us

Our mission is to drive business change and profitable growth for our clients in the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Consultancy

We are a specialist Amazon agency, with the tools and know-how to help brands, large and small, succeed on the Amazon Marketplace.

Our senior management team has first-hand experience of selling their own products on Amazon.

We have learnt exactly what works and what doesn’t.
Every member of our team has Amazon Advertising Accreditation.

Covering All Aspects of Amazon

We have helped major brands achieve success on Amazon.

Our team covers all aspects of the Amazon ecosystem, including Amazon PPC advertising, and organic SEO, as well as operations and Amazon account management.

We will help you drive higher revenue for a lower cost of advertising spend. We will help increase the ranking of your product listings, and assist you with any problems you are struggling with on your Amazon account.